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Unsystematic thoughts on the Hohenzollerns and Christopher Clark

One thing I've been meaning to write about lately is the controversy surrounding the attempt of the Hohenzollerns to receive compensation for the confiscation of their property, possibly the most brazen and shameless attempt to personally profit from legal technicalities in recent history. I sincerely hope that the newest Hohenzollern fails in the most expensive and public way possible, so as to finalise the issue for all time. And if you want to see the shameless claim dismissed with the scorn it deserves, then see what Jan Böhmermann has done with it. But that's not what I want to write about. What I'm interested in is the turns that have been taken in the argument and the blurring of issues that probably don't belong together. In particular, I want to explore my own weirdly disproportionate irritation at the depiction of Christopher Clark's position in this (and in other debates). Most of this irritation, I'm sure, stems from the fact that I'm currentl

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