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The End of the Line

In one week's time, we will have left Germany after having spent almost 11 months here. Our goals in coming were varied, but in some ways pretty straight forward. Professionally, I wanted to write the most part of a new book. As a family, we wanted to give the kids the opportunity to see a bit of the world before schooling made it too difficult for us to just pick up and go somewhere for an extended period. Personally, I wanted to make sure I used my non-teaching period doing something beyond staying at home behind the office desk.

The last idea proved to be a good move, with my university doing its best to set itself on fire with a  'reform' process that has all the appearances of an attempt to game the Australian university sector's evaluation process. From a distance I've watched some of the best researchers I know waste a whole year fighting to save what they can from the ravages of managerialism. I'm glad to have been away from that, because I know that, h…

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