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Changing My Mind about King Kabua

I had one of those moments on Friday where I had to radically alter the working premise of one of my chapters in light of new information. This is always both a relief and slightly terrifying, in case there's something big that is missing elsewhere in the book.
It happened in my last book, when I had begun confidently writing that the Germans never expelled any French citizens from Germany because it was too dangerous as a potential casus belli, but then I found a French PhD which led me to some archival files in Metz that showed clearly that French people had been expelled and there were concrete plans to expel hundreds more if the Boulangist crisis (or some other border crisis) escalated.
 This time I'm finalising my chapter on Kabua of the Marshall Islands and his relationship with German traders and the German state. I've been looking quite closely at a range of source material, both archival and anthropological and had a feeling that I was pretty close to understandin…

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